2, Mar 2024
Why Do I Always Think the Worst?

Why do i always think the worst  the worst, most people have a tendency to do it. It can make you feel overwhelmed and panicked, even when the bad thing you are worrying about is actually very unlikely to happen. This is known as catastrophising, or awfulising, and it can be a common problem for people with anxiety and mental health conditions like depression, fibromyalgia, and bipolar disorder.

The reason you think the worst is probably a mixture of life experiences, and it could also be something that your brain has learned to do. Whether that is because of a negative childhood experience, or if you have a personality condition like borderline personality disorder (that sees you always fear abandonment) or histrionic personality disorder (where you have a driving need to be the centre of attention), thinking this way might have seemed helpful at one time.

Understanding Negative Thought Patterns: Why Do I Always Think the Worst

However, the truth is it isn’t. It can actually cause you more harm than good, especially if you are prone to turning a small issue into a massive catastrophe. Learning some techniques, getting support from a therapist, and changing your thought patterns can help. Become an Insider and read the full article.

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