8, Mar 2024
Romanian Worker in France

Romanian worker in France

The interim Romania franta of work permits granted by Romania to citizens from outside the European Union has more than tripled over the past decade. This rise is largely attributable to specific non-EU countries like Sri Lanka, for whom Romania issued over 50% of the work permits it granted in 2022. Nevertheless, despite this spike in immigration, few migrant workers are opting to settle down permanently in Romania, and the country continues to have one of the smallest resident foreign-born populations among EU states.

Emmanuel Macron stepped onto Romanian soil on Thursday, the second leg of his three-day tour of Central Europe. While he praised the progress that has been made in the country since his election victory, he warned that failure to reform rules on temporary worker migration would damage Europe’s open-border Schengen zone.

Support Systems: Resources Available for Romanian Workers in France

For Adrian, who emigrated to France with his family at age 10, the goal remains the same: to make enough money to return home. To do so, he and his wife have worked at Paris’ Gare du Nord and other railway stations where they help passengers with their ticket, snapshot, and candy machines. They fervently hope that French President François Hollande will not be another Nicolas Sarkozy and that pledges to relax laws limiting the jobs Roma can hold as models, welders, or fishermen will bear fruit.

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